Dynamic Fields

Do you want to take your e-library portal customization to the next level? If you need to have an additional set of fields added to your registration page, be able to search by the same fields or review the same information for each and every registered user through the user management page, then simply fill the below form and submit it to us. Within 24 to 48 working hours, we will be adding your additional fields to the system and as a result, the registration and the user management pages will reflect the new changes.

Example: if you want to add 3 new fields to the registration page, in addition to the standard fields that currently exist, just specify the following information using the form below:

Field name – ex: Student ID, Department, Specialization...

Field Type: if you want your end-users to be able to freely type any value on the field, choose “Textbox”. In some cases, you have a predefined set of values you want the user to choose from, in which case you can choose “DropDown menu”. When choosing dropdown, a new text field will appear. That’s where you can specify the list of values you need to have available for selection (separate the values by comma)

Mandatory – specifies whether the new field is mandatory or not

Please see the screenshots below:-

Figure 1

Figure 2

For further help, watch this video: https://support.techknowledge.ae/support/solutions/articles/6000234442-content-dynamic-fields