The resources page is the default page each time you sign into the library portal using your personal credentials. It will list all the content that your institution is subscribing to, and is constantly updated in case new trials, subscriptions, or changes are made.

Remote access and Single Sign-On is enabled by default, so that opening up resources is as easy as clicking on the “ENTER” button for each one. You don’t need to supply any additional usernames and passwords in order to open the desired resource.

Content is organized by content type, which means that each tab will list a particular type of content. Depending on what kind of content type your institution is subscribing to, you may see a different number of tabs than the ones shown in the screen (Figure 1)

By default, the first tab “All Resources” will display all the content.

Note on Content exclusions: Your institution might be providing content access to multiple internal or external departments, sub-institutions, or entities. In this case, your librarian may choose to “hide” some of the content for some institutions, and display it for others. Please talk to your library in case you need to have access to additional content or just the feedback link to send an email directly to your library.

This is what you can do on the resources page

Access content and subscriptions without the need to sign in to a different site Just click on the “ENTER” button and the system will sign you in automatically to the desired database or site.

In some cases, you may even get access to the third party database and get logged to your personal account directly, in which case you can have access to the third party personal account features such as Bookshelf, Saved Searches, and more.

Rate content let your librarian know what is important for you. In most cases, libraries will take the decision to keep or unsubscribe from a particular database based on the user’s feedback. Simply roll over your mouse pointer on top of the five stars for particular content, and click on the star you would like to give to it. Your rating will anonymously appear on the librarian’s administration section.

Browse library documents If your librarian has uploaded any internal library documents such as presentations, user manuals, quick guides, or title lists, you can search inside the documents a download them at any time.

Just go to the “Library Documents” tab and you will find there all the uploaded documents.


 (Figure 1)