Main Menu items

The following menu items are shipping in all standard DeepKnowledge e-library portals (Figure 1):

- HOME: is the library home page where you can sign in, view content such as announcements, library news and picture galleries

OPTIONAL - BOOKSHELF tab allows you to view your preferred articles, journals and books that you add from the A-Z or federated search results.

- RESOURCES is the main subscriptions page where you can remotely access content simply by clicking on the link for each collection, database or product

- Request a resource is where you can request titles or resources that are not available on the Library.

- MANAGE LIBRARY is used by librarians to manage content, access, restrictions, generate usage reports, publish surveys, and upload documents...

It is only available if you are a library administrator.

Depending on the modules your institution has subscribed to, you will see the following menu items as well:

- OPTIONAL - A-Z AND TITLE SEARCH browses titles or perform basic title search

- OPTIONAL - FEDERATED SEARCH performs abstract and full text searches on all the subscribed content, and presents the results in a consistent and user-friendly format.