Manage albums pictures and videos

This page allows you to manage pictures and videos that are displayed on the "Media Gallery".

Uploading pictures & Videos

So, your institution just finished hosting an important event that was organized by the library, a training session, or an annual event. You would like now to share some of the great pictures that were taken during the event with all your e-library users and make them public.

Easy task, just creates a new picture gallery, put a name on it, and then scroll down in order to select the pictures you would like to upload. There is no limit in the number of pictures you can upload in one gallery, although we do recommend that the number of pictures should be kept less than 30 per gallery, otherwise the gallery may become slower to load.

For further help, watch this video: 

Useful Tips
- Keep the number of pictures per gallery low, as it may affect page loading.
- Try to resize the pictures to a smaller width and height before uploading them. The pictures are automatically resized anyway, so there is no point in uploading high-resolution pictures above 800*600 pixels.
- Did you know that clicking on a picture gallery thumbnail would open a new window where you can type comments and manage pictures inside that gallery?