Create, publish and monitor polls & surveys 

DeepKnowledge ™ has taken a step further in bridging the gap between the learners, researchers, students, and the library administration by improving content management modules and adding a fully-fledged survey-publishing tool into the e-library platform.

You can now create, publish, and get reports anytime without any restrictions in terms of the number of questions, type of questions, or amount of responses.

All that is done very easily by following these steps:

1. Create a new survey, specify the name, header picture, and completion message.
2. Start adding questions and answers.
3. Publish your survey.

At this point, the survey is launched and is available for registered e-library embers to take. If you wish to set up the survey and defer the start date, you can do so by specifying a date greater than today's date when launching the survey. You can also control how long the survey will run until it automatically close.

At any given time, you can review every response, generate, print, and export summary reports. 

Create a new survey
Go the survey management page under the “Manage library” menu then fill out the Basic Details.

F 1.0

In the above screenshots, enter the name of the survey you wish to create, upload a header picture.

F 1.1

You can add many question types where the answer can be - Text
- Essay (Multiple lines of text)
- Date
- Yes/No
- Multiple choice answers
- Single answer to choose from multiple options

In addition, you can also choose to make a question mandatory or no.

Once you have completed adding all the questions and answers, you can then specify a start/end date and launch your survey.

Edit an “In Design” survey

Before launching the survey, you can go back at any time and edit the survey by
adding/removing/editing questions and answers. Situations may occur where you have a significant amount of questions and you would like to complete the survey creation the next day. No problem! Just leave the survey in design mode, and edit when you are ready to continue adding more questions.

The edit link will appear when you roll over your mouse pointer on top of the survey in the survey management page.

You can also edit an existing question or even remove it before launching the survey, just use the Element Icons as shown in the screen.

You can review answers or generate reports at any time by going to the Survey management page, roll over the one you are interested in and click on “Reports”.

F 1.3


For further help, watch this video: 

Note: as long as the survey is still in “Design Mode”, you can edit the
questions you have created the first time. Simply go to the list of surveys by
clicking on Manage Library - Manage Survey submenu, roll over the survey you would like to edit, and then click on the “edit” link. At that point, you can choose to either edit the question you want or even delete it by clicking on the desired action from the element Icons as shown in the following screen.