Register a new account

Depending on the way your library administrator choose to set up your institution’s library portal access, you will be required to register a new account and activate it by yourself or administrator approves your account.

Please follow the next steps, the Registration process will not take more than a few minutes to complete:-


- By opening your institution e-Library you can see the main page (Figure 1)

(Figure 1)

- Click on “Register a new account” to redirect to the registration page (Figure 2)

 (Figure 2)

- Follow the steps to complete the registration form.

- Use your institution email address to have a successful validation.

- Submit your details and make sure that you received the message below (Figure 3) and (Figure 4).

(Figure 3)

(Figure 4)

- Activate your account by clicking on the activation link that you received on your registered email address, then enter the Access Code (Figure 5).


(Figure 5)