Link Builder will help you to export your resources links from the e-library portal so you can add them to your LMS without the need to implement any authentications. Only add the generated links to your LMS and access the resources without any access problem, as if you access them from your e-library portal.

If you are accessing this feature for the first time, you have to enable it first:

After you enabled the Link Builder feature, you can go to the "Link Builder Settings" tab and follow these steps to generate the keys:

Once you click the above button and complete the registration, you will see a new tab named "Link Builder" just go to this tab and click the refresh button.

Now, you generated the keys and you can export all the links by clicking on CSV or Excel options.

Note: you can download the batch history by clicking on the Download button at the bottom of the "Link Builder" page.

Now, you can go to your LMS admin panel to add these generated links there.

To know how to add the links to your LMS see this link: